General Knowledge: Abbreviation

  1. PNA= Personal Area Network.
  2. LAN= Local Area Network.
  3. MAN= Metropolitan Area.
  4. WAN= Wide Area.
  5. Wi-Fi= Wireless Fidelity.
  6. BIOS= Basic Input Output System.
  7. BCD= Binary Coded Decimal.
  8. CD= Compact Disc.
  9. DVD= Digital Versatile Disc.
  10. CUP= Central Processing Unit.
  11. CRT= Cathode Ray Tube.
  12. PC= Personal Computer.
  13. LCD= Liquid Crystal Display.
  14. LED= Light Emitting Diode.
  15. MB= Mega Byte.
  16. KB= Kilo Byte.
  17. DOS= Disc Operating System.
  18. HDD=Hard Disc Drive.
  19. IC= Integrated Circuit.
  20. NIC= Network Interface Card.
  21. OMR= Optical Mark Reader.
  22. RAM= Random Access Memory.
  23. SIM=Subcriber Identity Number.
  24. VOIP=Voice Over Internet Protocol.
  25. WWW=World Wide Web.
  26. HTTP=Hyper Tex Transfer Protocol.
  27. GSM=Global System for Mobile.
  28. VIRUS=Vital Information and Resources Under Size.
  29. UPS=Uninterruptible Power Supply.
  30. USB= Universal Serial Bus.
  31. Univac= Universal Automatic Computer.
  32. IBM=International Business Machine.
  33. ISP= Internet Service Provider.
  34. FTP=File Transfer Protocol.
  35. MICR= Magnetic Ink Character Reader.
  36. URL= Uniform Resource Locator.
  37. CC=Carbon Copy.
  38. 3G= Third Generation.
  39. ATM=Automated Teller Machine.
  40. DPI= Dot Per Inch.
  41. DBMS= Data Base Management System.
  42. EMIS= Educational Management Information.
  43. DSHE= Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education.
  44. PBM= Performance Based management.
  45. ACT= Additional Class Teacher.
  46. NCTB= National Curriculum and Text Book.
  47. SESDP= Secondary Education Sector Development Project.
  48. TAN=Tax Anticipation Note.
  49. BBA=Bachelor of Business Administrative.
  50. BBC= British Broad Casting Corporation.
  51. BCS= Bangladesh Civil Service.
  52. NAEM=National Academy for Educational Management.
  53. MPO=Monthly Pay Order.
  54. EFT= English for Today.
  55. NTRCA=Non Government Teacher’s Registration and Statistics.
  56. TOEFL=Test of English as a Foreign Language.
  57. EIIN=Educational Institute of Identification Number.
  58. ADB=Asian Development Bank.
  59. ACC=Asian Cricket Council.
  60. APEC=Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation.
  61. ASEAN=Association of South East Asian National.
  62. CIRDAP=Centre of Integrated Rural Development of Asia and The Pacific.
  63. SAARC= South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation.
  64. SAPTA= South Asian Free Trade Area.
  65. IBRD= International Bank for Reconstruction.
  66. OPEC= Organization of Petroleum Exporting.
  67. AM= Ante Meridiem.
  68. PM= Post Meridiem.

BCS, Government job suggestion

  1. AIDS=Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
  2. BRAC= Bangladesh Rual Advancement Committee.
  3. BUET= Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology .
  4. BIWTA= Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority.
  5. BRTC= Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation.
  6. BEPZA= Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority.
  7. BSF= Border Security Force.
  8. UGC= University Grants Commission fo Bangladesh.
  9. BMST= Bangladesh Management System.
  10. DIA= Directorate of Inspection and Audit.
  11. HIV= Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
  12. NAM= Non-Aligned Movement.
  13. ISO= International Standardization Organization.
  14. BSTI= Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution.
  15. INTERPOL= International Police Organization.
  16. IDB= Islamic Development bank.
  17. ECG= Electro Cadio Gram.
  18. CNN= Cables News Network.
  19. CIA= Central Intelligence Agency.
  20. IDA= International Development Agency.
  21. IFC= International Finance Corporation.
  22. NAFTA= North American Free Trade Agreement.
  23. NATO= North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  24. UN= United Nations.
  25. GDP= Gross Domestic Product.
  26. GNI=Gross National Income.
  27. NNP= Net national Product.
  28. CCA= Capital Consumption Allowance.
  29. SPM= Single Point Mooring.
  30. DPNG= Development Programs of Non-Government Organization.
  31. SSS= Society for Social Services.
  32. BDBL= Bangladesh Development Bank Limited.
  33. HTML= Hyper Text Markup Language.
  34. ATS= Anti Tetanus Serum.
  35. FAO= Food Agricultural Organization.
  36. LC= Letter of Credit.
  37. DSE= Dhaka Stock Exchange.
  38. ABC= Asian Badminton Confederation.

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