Preparation for Exam

Recently Directorate of Primary Education published exam schedule

Fill in the blank with the appropriate preposition or word:

1. She prides herself_______ her beauty.
(a) on (b) to (c) of (d) form
Answer: on, Pride on-
2. I could no convince him _____ his mistake.
(a) for (b) from (c) of (d) to
Answer: of.
3. He is not interested ____cycling.
(a) in (b) with (c) for (d) at
Answer: in.
4. Opinion varies _____ man _____ man.
(a) from , of (b) between, and (d) in, to (d) from, to.
Answer: from, to.
5. You must Adhere _____ your principle.
(a) to (d) with (d) at (d) in
6. The view ______ the open window is very pretty.
(a) by (b) to (c) along (d) through
7. She could n,t stop ______.
(a) laughing (b) to laugh (c) laugh (d) laughter
Answer: laughing.
8. A basket of apples _____ been sold.
(a) have (b) has (c) having (d) haven’t
Answer: has.
9. You’ll remember to call me_____?
(a) will you (b) would you (c) won’t you (d) would not you.
Answer: won’t you.
10. The fire in the museum resulted in _____ damage.
(b) intensive (b) expensive (c) abrasive (d) extensive
Answer: Extensive.